Free Debt Payoff and Savings Trackers

While paying off our consumer debt and cabin, using a debt tracker was so helpful to me. I loved the visual reminder to pay off the debt. It was very motivating!

That being said, I decided that I wanted to start using a savings tracker, and so I designed a couple of trackers to share with all of you. I hope that you use these free resources to crush some goals!

Using these trackers are simple. There are 50 dollar signs for you to color or fill in as you please. Divide your debt or savings goal by 50, and write that number in at the top of the sheet. For example, if your goal is to pay off $1,000 worth of debt, color in a dollar sign for every $20 you pay off. Before long, you will have a super fun visual reminder of your progress. Post it on a wall, on the refrigerator, or anywhere you’d like!

Download the Debt Payoff Tracker here.

Download the Savings Tracker here.

Please feel free to share this with anyone who might find it helpful. Happy Saving!

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