2021 Financial Highlights

Ah, it’s almost the new year! It’s been a good year for us, financially speaking. Of course, life isn’t perfect, and I had my fair share of personal issues to work through. Don’t we all? What we had to do to reach some of these milestones was just plain hard. We had to make choices based on the information we knew at the time. For example, to pay off our mortgage, we had to sell our cabin, which was so hard for me. I had to look at things this year from a “head” perspective, and leave my heart out of it, to be sure. Through it all, the Lord has been so good.

So yes, the first highlight on my list was that we paid off our primary mortgage! By early fall, I knew that I really wanted to get rid of our mortgage. My husband’s work situation seemed precarious, and so we put our cabin on the market. We had paid off the cabin in late 2019 by being super frugal, and so with the hot real estate market, we made a good profit. Again, this was a totally”smart” decision. If it was up to my heart, we probably would still own the cabin. Anyhow, we sold the cabin in October, and turned right around and paid off our primary mortgage.

Another highlight of the year is that we reached one million dollars in net worth. Now, this is just a number, and I never made it my goal to have such-and-such net worth. I do track our net worth however, because I believe it is a great indicator of our overall financial health. Almost half of our net worth is in our primary residence, and the rest is in retirement, investments, our cars, and cash.

Another highlight I just reached was making 5,000 sales in my Etsy shop. I’ve been chipping away at my Etsy shop since 2008, so I was very happy to reach this milestone. Slow and steady wins the race.

I also have been working on my health this year. I’ve lost 39 pounds, and ran my first 5k. I guess I decided that I wanted to be the best steward I could be of what God has given me. Regardless if it be my spiritual life, family life, financial life, or health.

Normally, I would not see as many “highlights” as this, but it seems like several things finally came to fruition for us this year. We have worked so hard behind the scenes for years to get our finances in better shape. Now I’m trying to figure out the next steps to make in 2022.

I would love to encourage you to look at your daily habits, and decide to make small changes in your life that will help you to reach your full potential. Little by little, I have done this, and eventually, the results are big!

Next month, I decided to do a “No Spend” challenge to reset my spending habits. Sometimes we all need a reset, don’t we? If you’d like, you can join me!

Download your free January No Spend Month Printable here.

Thank you for stopping by my blog today. Hopefully I will share a few 2022 goals soon. I would love to hear from you! What were the highlights of your year?

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