Hello, and welcome to Finance and Frugality. I’m a 40 year old wife and mama to nine children who is passionate about getting our finances in order.  I started this website for both accountability and to offer encouragement. Our family began the Dave Ramsey plan in November 2016, and have since lowered our debt burden by $293,000, which included paying off a mortgage. (We are now working on paying down our second mortgage, and have kept our paid-off home as an investment.)

To accomplish this goal, we sold our home and moved to a new state. We have drastically cut our lifestyle in the process. Becoming frugal doesn’t have to be painful. It involves analyzing the things that truly bring value to your life, and concentrating on those. To God be the glory.

We still follow most of Dave Ramsey’s principles nowadays, but we also have gleaned wisdom from the FIRE (Financial Independence Retire Early) community. We are always learning, and are now absorbing as much as we can about investing while attacking our mortgage. Finances don’t have to be big and scary. Thank you so much for stopping by!