$1500 Sent to Our Mortgage Principal

On paydays, I usually slip out of bed super early to pay bills. Strange, I know. But it is so satisfying to see our mortgage balance drop! This week I finally read “The Simple Path to Wealth” by JL Collins. It sure is motivating! It was a very easy investment read and with the exception of some language, I totally recommend it!

I’ve gotten into the habit of budgeting bi-weekly instead of monthly. It just makes sense to us, and I tend to save more money when I break our expenses into smaller chunks.

This week was wonderful since the only needs coming out of my husband’s check was violin lessons, gas, and a few extras. At the moment, I’m covering our food costs with funds from my Etsy shop.

Much more will be taken from the next paycheck, like our utility bills. We are currently using our Health Savings Account to pay for orthodontist payments. I don’t consider these payments as debt, instead I see them as paying for a service as we go.

$141,397 left on our mortgage. I am ready for those $130s!

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